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AimBLADE [ergonomically arm-plating] black

Art.No.  07062  | arm-plating | comfortable | ergonomically | upholstery

Product Description

Just like real athlete, we cyber athletes and gamers are complaining more and more about our little aches and pains: Nearly everyone knows spannings in the neck and shoulder range (headache) or pain in the lower arm and wrist! The AimBLADE was developed particularly as ergonomic support for the strongly stressed ranges. Pleasantly eased playing and/or working are made possible by its ergonomically minted form and the additional upholstery of the lower arm. At the same time one can lead by body near supporting possibility its arm and the wrist much more precisely, which has an very positive effect for your ?Aiming?. For installing the AimBLADE at the table no tools are needed.

The mouse arm (RSI)
The mouse arm (RSI) is treated and very intensively by physicians and the media and represents an extremely serious illness of the ranges described before (caused by computer use, with work, Internet or play). RSI is already today in the USA and Canada the widespread disease number 1. Pain works discouraging and affects the work negatively. Bestellungen über den mouz-Shop enthalten zusätzlich einen Gutschein für einen Monat "Backstage"!

Product Images
  • AimBLADE [ergonomically arm-plating] black
Product Features
  • better than any chair armrest
  • for Low, Mid and HighSense Players suitably
  • for right- and left-handed people
  • comfortable and stable
  • mountable without a tool
  • stably by glass fiber reinforcement
  • 360° degree swivelling
Technical Specifications
Equipmentergonomically arm-plating, table-fixation with hinge
Package Content1x ergonomically arm-plating, 1x table-fixation with hinge
Surfacerubber foam

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