aimTape MouseTape [Standard / Breite 1cm / Länge 10cm] 5 Stk

aimTape MouseTape [Standard / Breite 1cm / Länge 10cm] 5 Stk

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Corepad Skatez PRO    6 Mouse-Feet Logitech MX1000 / MX5000 / MX610 / MX620 / M500 / MX400
  • Replacement mouse feet for gamers, high-end and experienced users
  • Enabling ergonomic and effortless working and playing
  • Reducing the friction for faster, easier and more precise movements
  • Preventing the surface of the mouse pad, thus increasing their life
  • Perfect fit made of 100% quality PTFE (colloquially Teflon® DuPont™)
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GlidePad Mousepad Small [S] black
  • best gliding properties
  • Size: 23 cm x 19 cm
  • only 1.5 mm thick
  • low noise smooth-running surface
  • anti-slip bottom
  • GlideTapes NG (10 cm x 4 cm) included
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aimTape MouseTape [Platin Ice / Breite 1cm / Länge 10cm] 5 Stk
High quality material - Mouse tapes to reduce drag and improve sliding properties - stick just under the mouse - aimTape Platinum Ice offer very good sliding properties with high load capacity - coated with approximately 60-65% pure PTFE - Fibreglass tape - stiction coefficient under 0,08μ and thus under the sliding friction - no unpleasant hook mouse more - application of aimTapes reduces wear of MousePads, thus increasing its service life
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